OR Staff

UniteOR Makes Your Job Easier!

The operating room environment can be particularly challenging to manage. Hospitals are charged with decreasing costs and increasing efficiency while providing the highest level of patient care. The operating room presents its own set of unique challenges, with external players and dynamics, such as vendors. The communication breakdown between healthcare provider and vendor is a common problem that can adversely affect the quality of patient care while inadvertently driving up costs.

Here’s how your organization can benefit:
  • Increase patient safety through cooperation and coordination between vendor and hospital staff
  • Provide your staff with a scheduling and communication tool that increases quality
  • Reduce error and increase efficiency by eliminating redundant processes
  • Streamlined processes means you can focus more on the patient
  • Inventory management allows you to prepare for upcoming procedures that require vendor attendance
  • Scheduling alignment between the hospital, physician, staff, and vendors
  • Simplify the loaner tray and scheduling process associated with vendors
  • Maximize valuable OR time
  • Give your sterile processing department sufficient time to follow proper sterilization requirements
  • Forecast and control loaner tray costs
  • Use ipads to easily picture trays providing accountability