“UniteOR ABSOLUTELY streamlined the surgery process for myself, the hospital and the surgeon. It created a symbiotic relationship between all parties that eventually benefits the patient.” – Bart Ferguson, Zimmer Representative, Portland, OR

“Contacting Vendor Reps use to take me about two hours a day. UniteOR has reduced that workload to 20 minutes, so I can now focus on other areas in patient care.” – Ortho & Neuro Coordinator, Portland, OR

“Receiving text reminder notifications is an effective and simple way to close the gap in our communication process with the hospital. UniteOR helps the OR & SPD staff recognize what trays to pull and makes sure everything is ready and available on time.” – Toby G., Depuy Synthes Trauma/CMF/Sports Consultant, Stockton, CA

“With the ease of use and the communication advantages the software offers, UniteOR makes the transition of surgical instruments to the hospital a smooth, stress free experience. Every facility and vendor will benefit from this system, I know I have.” -Kyle Johnston, Biomet Representative, Portland, OR

“Before UniteOR we would receive trays at all hours with no forewarning. Now with this system, I can forecast exactly what trays will be coming in and when. I can also easily check and see if everything is ready for my cases for the next day from anywhere.” – Ortho Coordinator

“When X facility told me UniteOR was coming in, I was like, oh great, one more thing I have to do. Now that I am using it, it is so easy and the notifications are awesome!” – Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Rep, Bethlehem, PA

“Finally, an efficiency driven system that connects vendors with case updates and Surgeon requests in real time. Now that we can communicate, within HIPPA guidelines, the word team comes to focus.” – Depuy Total Joint Rep