UniteOR Mobile Vendor App Dropping with a Bang!

We built UniteOR to increase efficiencies and reduce error in the operating room as well as during the procurement of instrumentation. In keeping with these efforts, we are beyond excited to announce the drop date for our new Mobile Vendor App, July 10th! Before the app was created Vendors could check schedules, confirm a case and view details via our website. In addition, all notifications came as an email and/or text message. Now, with our new app, all of your notifications, schedules and case details are in one user-friendly app making it even easier to do your job as a Vendor directly from your phone.

What does the UniteOR Vendor App do? You can conveniently view all notifications, including any changes or updates to any surgeries, directly from the notifications tab. You can view the schedule of cases for your entire company, or filter down to your own schedule specifically. There is also functionality that allows you to filter your schedule on a time/date basis. From this part of the app, you can easily update or edit your arrival information or specific tray sets. Scheduling an add-on has become easier than ever. Simply click on the Add-on button and input the information then quickly hit submit, and you are done!

That is not the end of our announcement! The first 20 people to download the UniteOR Vendor App will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon! Our app does a soft launch on July 10th for a select few vendors, and will then do a hard launch on July 15th so be sure to check out our App landing page to see all the important details you need to know to download it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so when there are any updates on the app you will get notified of them as well!